Experimenting With Crunch

I write this brief post to inform our beloved reader base of a new innovation in the Captain Crunch Colloquium (CCC): Captain Crunch Cereal in pickle brine. Hear me out for a second, my most certainly now-disgusted reader–You would be remiss to click away from this post now before trying this combination. As my grandmother who doesn’t speak English and thus never said, “Don’t knock it until you try it.” I would, however, advise straining your pickle brine before pouring it into your bowl: garlic, mustard seeds, dill, etc. leave a very unpleasant mouthfeel when combined with the most delicious of corn and oat breakfast cereals. The acidity of your now-strained pickle juice, coupled with the delectable sweetness of yellowish corn-and-oat pillows?- truly, it will, as my grandmother again has never said, “Knock your socks off.”