Solitary Berry

Captain Crunch,
A man of glee
For breakfast, lunch,
I’ll munch on thee

Aboard his ship,
The S.S. Guppy
On sea you’ll float,
If you’re so lucky

And search the seas,
Look far and wide
For Crunch Berries,
To steal and hide

Upon your tongue,
You’ll plant the seed
One berry clung,
but was not freed

Into your gut,
the berry fell
And cried in anguish,
Just as well

For it knew that,
When it had left
Its berry flavor,
Now bereft

And though it cries,
and you just smile
Where berry lies,
There’s just a pile

A husk of food,
A man distraught
And though he fought,
And fought, and fought

There’d be no light,
Be no reprieve
From those who might,
Seek to deceive

And now it’s done,
Come to an end
And there’s just one,
Who can amend

But you look proud,
With puffed-out chest:
“I’ve done it now,
 I am the best!”