In Sickness and in Health

It would appear as though I have fallen sick: my throat prickles, as though perforated by cactus spines; my eye-sockets throb, and feel impressed upon; my body, simply put, is failing me. I would worry you not, most esteemed reader – I will most certainly recover from that which ails me. The cause for my recovery? Panacea’s poultice. For those not well-versed in Greek mythology (and who could blame you?), I speak of contemporary medicine’s panacea, and the eponymous Goddess associated therewith. Her poultice, which could cure any ailment, inspired the contemporary medical concept of a “cure-all.” Arguably, apart from chicken noodle soup and vitamin C tablets, one would be hard-pressed (get it? vitamin C? hard pressed?) to conceive another “panacea.” Well, my beloved reader, I believe that I have found one: Cap’N Crunch. Pamela Low is my Panacea, her cereal my poultice. There for me in my health, I never considered the benefits to my health that her corn and oat cereal had. But, after a recent dry spell (I have been much to busy to eat lately), I have noticed my health seem to fail, and myself fall into sickness. What has served to revive me, dear reader, is Cap’N Crunch. I will continue this (delicious) process of self-medication, and expect to be back in tip-top shape by this week’s end.

Yours in Sickness and in Health,