Cap’n Crunch – Original Flavor Review

Let me begin by saying that I love Captain Crunch. This bias will most certainly seep into my review, but I am unapologetic. This bias is well-deserved, and, for reasons I will soon discuss, Cap’n Crunch’s original flavor gets 10/10 Crunchberries.

Perfectly sweetened, delectable and savory, crunchy yet soft–Cap’n Crunch’s original flavor, contained within a bold red box, is a cereal to be reckoned with. Eatable at any time (I sit here now, clock reading 11:27pm, enjoying a bowl myself), Cap’n Crunch is a food for all: the everyman, the everywomen, everybody. Cap’n Crunch’s original flavor is protean in nature, changing with the mood of the consumer. Does it taste like brown-sugar and butter coated rice? somedays, yes. Does it taste like  deeply infused vanilla oats? somedays, yes. Does it taste like a crunchy caramel explosion? somedays, yes. What I love so much about Cap’n Crunch’s original flavor is its transience; not in the sense that it is short lived, but rather in that it is mutable.  Every day I have a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, all these years later, it still feels like a new experience each and every time.

And what is a meal if not the experience? Certainly, the nutritional value of that which we consume is worth taking into account; but Cap’n Crunch is no slouch, providing seven essential vitamins and minerals while also being low in fat. While it does contain sugar, the sweetness thereof serves only to propel one into their day, acting not as a lethargant (this is not a word, but relaxant seemed to be an understatement) but rather a stimulant. Much like my morning cup of coffee, my morning bowl of Crunch sets me off on my day in the best possible way: full, energetic, and happy.