Introducing: Jean LaFoote

From Crunch’s memoirs, we’ve read a lot about his exploits around the world and the battles he has fought. But one intriguing person keeps popping up in Crunch’s entries, and that person is his Jean LaFoote.

LaFoote was (and maybe still is) Crunch’s greatest adversary. They did battle numerous times, often crossing blades over the delicious crunchberries. While Captain Horatio Crunch sailed his famous S.S. Guppy, Lafoote sailed the infamous Queen Fran’s Revenge (undoubtedly named after Lafoote’s alleged favorite actress Fran Drescher).

Fran the nanny
Lafoote’s flagship’s namesake actress.

I, Chad Goldsmith, have taken a great interest in Crunch’s writings that detail these battles. As such, I will be publishing a new writing of Crunch’s about the battles, bi-weekly, so as to keep our readers on the crunch of their seats and waiting for more.

Please look forward to the introductory story of these battles (back when Crunch was just a wee young explorer, and Lafoote a neophyte pirate, hardly bearing his sea-legs) next week. Or for those of you reading this post long into the future, look forward to it many crunch-eons ago.