Cap’n Crunch – Sprinkled Donut Flavor Review

It goes without saying that the best breakfast food is, undoubtably, cereal. More specifically, Cap’n Crunch cereal made by the one and only Horatio Magellan Crunch. However, a close runner-up is the donut.

That’s why I could hardly believe my crunchberry sized eyes when I saw the perfect fusion cuisine: Cap’n Crunch Sprinkled Donut cereal.

As a fan of the occasional donut, I was very careful when approaching this cereal. The Captain doesn’t usual overstep his bounds in the breakfast food world, and fusing foods is a good way to get the Board of Breakfast on your case. So I was afraid the Captain would make TOO good of a cereal, and put the donut industry out of business.

That was exactly the case. This is the perfect marriage of cereal and donut, donut and cereal. The donuts are also sprinkled with what appears to be mini-crunchberries! I did not know they came so small. What a delightful surprise! Though I fear for my beloved donut chains, for they are surely to go out of business due to the greatness of this cereal. I will especially miss Mr. Donut.

The bold circular shape, the crunchberry sprinkles, the sugary frosting, the milk’s after-flavor, what’s not to love? It also retains its crunchiness, even in milk! Truly a sight to see, and a cereal to taste.

I give this flavor another perfect 10/10 Crunchberries.