Crunchy Answer #3: Video Games and Fever Dreams

Ahoy CrunchFans! We are back with another Crunchy Question from one of our beloved readers, Tater T.


crunchy question 3

For those who may have trouble reading the picture embedded, here is the question in text form:

There was a CD game about the Cap’n called Cap’n Crunch Crunchling Adventure. I used to play it everyday in the early 2000’s. I wanted to play it again but it is lost to the void that is my rubbish pile. Do you remember this gem? Or was it a fever dream created through the Cap’n Crunch cereal I ate as a child? – Tater T.

First, I would like to compliment Tater on their name. Horatio is actually a huge tater-tot fan, and is often cited as the inspiration for cult classic character Napoleon Dynamite.

To get back to your questions at hand, though, the first answer is quite simply YES! Of course we remember the game! In fact, we even wrote a review of the game nearly two years ago, which you can find here!

Cap'n crunch's crunchling adventure cover
A picture of the game in question.

Not only that, but we are also planning to live stream a play-through of the game very soon! Please stay tuned here at CrunchFacts to find out when and where this stream will be taking place.

To answer your second question, YES! Crunchberries do indeed induce fever dreams! Though that is a story for another time, and one better left to our Lead Researcher of Crunchology: Shakipari Sakusaku Cr.D (Doctor of Crunch).

Thanks again Tater T, for your fantastic questions!

If you, like Tater, have any burning questions for the CrunchFacts team, please ask them at our Any Crunchy Questions? Contact Us!  page, and we will be sure to get back to you very quickly with a Crunchy Answer!