Cap’n Crunch – CrunchBerries Flavor Review

Strawberry. Blueberry. Raspberry. Blue Raspberry. Dingleberry. Blackberry. Cranberry. Brickleberry. These are the berries that my layman friend replied with when I asked them to name the berries they know.

Blackberry Crunchberry
A delicious BlackBerry.


Though it seems they have forgotten the most important berry of them all: the crunchberry.

Yes, my fellow crunchlings, the crunchberry is the meaning of life; its juice is the nectar of the gods. The idea to mix them in with Crunch’s already perfect Original Flavor cereal is a match made in heaven. Such a match is obviously deserving of our highest score: 10/10 Crunchberries. Crunch, even our rating system is named after the berries!

Those of you somehow not already familiar with the original cereal can read the review written by my friend and colleague Steve Binder, linked here. Binder’s description does justice to the cereal with the poetry seen below:

Does it taste like brown-sugar and butter coated rice? somedays, yes. Does it taste like  deeply infused vanilla oats? somedays, yes. Does it taste like a crunchy caramel explosion? somedays, yes. What I love so much about Cap’n Crunch’s original flavor is its transience; not in the sense that it is short lived, but rather in that it is mutable.  Every day I have a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, all these years later, it still feels like a new experience each and every time. -Steve Binder

These words can be used to describe this flavor as well. However, the Crunchberries flavor adds in just that: crunchberries. All of the delicious perfection of the original, plus the fruity, naturally (no artificial flavors) sweet, 100% crunchberry is euphoria for your taste buds. In fact, after you eat this, your taste buds will probably want to move to the next step and be taste bros.

There is a great history with this cereal, and some of the first iterations of the box art can be seen below.

crunchberries flavor box old
One of the first public appearances of the Crunchberry Beast. Also a fun colab with our lunch friend and formal rival The Burger King.

Regarding nutrition, the Crunchberries flavor is part of a balanced breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. It’s also great for those with a low iron intake like myself, providing over 6.5mg per serving! While it has its fair share of sugar, I must say that the sugar actually helps me jump start my day, as I’m sure it does yours.

Speaking now as just a normal person, and not a Crunchtributor, I would like to say that this flavor, the Crunchberries flavor, is actually my personal favorite. It got me through some hard times, like rejection from a crush back in junior-high, journalism finals at UCLA, and I even had a bowl right before presenting my dissertation in Crunchology at DeVry!

So when I give this cereal a 10/10 Crunchberries, I do so as a lover of Crunch, and as your average cereal-for-breakfast Joe.