Crunchy Answer #6: Crunch’s Legacy

The next question comes from “kenny” and is as follows:

“have you tried the Vanilla Crunch? if so how was it?”

Since its inception in 1963 as a sweetened corn-and-oat cereal, Cap’n Crunch Cereal has undergone many a visual and taste metamorphosis. The first variation, Crunch Berries, introduced in 1967, has had, along with the original, the most longevity. Following the success of these two forces of nature, Quaker introduced Peanut Butter Crunch in 1969 (another extremely popular flavor) and Punch Crunch, Vanilly Crunch, and Jean Lafoote’s Cinnamon Crunch in the early ’70s. Barring Peanut Butter Crunch, these new members of the Crunch Famiglia didn’t last long, and were summarily (and disappointingly) discontinued.

My personal favorite Vanilly Crunch fact is that it’s been rated the 87th top cereal of all time on (a website that, while dedicated to all things breakfast, also contains an entire section dedicated to breakfast cereals; for those curious, the original Cap’n Crunch flavor comes in at forth, three places too low for my taste) with 2695 votes at the time of my writing this.